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good morning. hundreds of people are hurt after a meteor slammed into russia this morning. the incredible video in this incredible story. we are live if oakland where scientists will be checking out an asteroid buzzing close to earth this morning. we'll tell you where and when you'll be able to see it. live in san francisco where a stolen car chase ends up in a five-car crash. we'll tell you why police say they had to shoot at the suspects. new scandal tied to the agency in charge of state parks. there are reports of hidden cash. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. a day just for pam cook. friday, it's the 15th of february i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. it's also very nice and sunny which is one of my favorite kind of days. >> it's a day for me too.
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>> it's a day for steve too. >> it is sunny and warm. we have very mild temperatures yesterday. warm for some. there is hardly any fog. if there is any it won't last long. here is sal. steve, good morning. nice and clear on highway 4 as well as you come up over the hill to concord not a bad drive at all. also the morning commute on the sunol grade is off to a good start. it's 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. topping our news this morning hundreds of people wer hurt by a giant meteor traveling 33,000 miles an hour. it crashed right into earth and left a crater 20 feet wide. home videos of the ten ton meteor streaking across russia are all over the internet. it happened about 1,000 miles east. look at those pictures. just incredible. this is 1,000 miles east of moscow leaving a trail of smoke over a mountain region. three impact sites.
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the biggest crater 20 feet wide. now more than 500 people are hurt though. mostly from broken glass. many were cut in the face. serious injuries have been reported. many will be hospitalized for at least the rest of the day. now there will be another cosmic event later this morning. an asteroid half the size of a football field will buzz by planet earth. lorraine blanco is at the chabot space and science center with more on that. >> reporter: it sounds like syfy but an asteroid the size of a 15 story building will buzz by earth early this morning. it's not expected to hit us but scientists here say we should care about it. they are call the huge space rock 2012 da14. that is closer than the moon. it's the biggest rock to come this close to us in recorded
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history. experts have ruled out an impact with earth but hoping this interest will encourage more funding for a more comprehensive effort to exam the space shut subjects. although they won't hit earth it will come closer to the moon. >> it is pretty close. sure. you know. there might be a television satellite that happens to wonder into it path. although nasa has calculated we don't think it will happen. >> reporter: the asteroid is supposed to come by earth at 11:25 a.m. pacific time. it's not supposed come by here until 7:00 tonight. the next time this asteroid will come close to earth is 2046. it's not visible to the naked eye. but if you want to check it out the chabot space and science center will be open tonight. time is 5:02.
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over night news san francisco police are investigating a frightening incident involving a stolen car. there was a chase, a crash, and gunfire. ktvu tara moriarty is here to tell us the chase ended with a multicar crash right on a busy downtown section. tara. >> reporter: it took quite awhile for the reconstruction team to figure out how this accident happened. it was pretty complex. you can see behind me even though the scene has be cleared it's still messy with medical supplies and oil and tire marks on the road. just before 10:00 last night someone stole a black town car. >> there was surveillance until they got in position to stop the car. and they attempted the traffic stop. >> did they get out of the car and that is when he took off? >> yeah officers were aout of the car approaching the vehicle
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when he took off. >> reporter: the suspect drove on the sidewalk near the tenderloin police station. a officer fearing for his safety fired two shots at the car. the car raced down fifth street eventually slamming into a cab and involving three other cars in the accident. police are investigating whether the driver was indeed injured by gunfire. but they believe that the suspect has a scratch that may have come from the accident itself. otherwise he and four other people involved in the crash were not seriously hurt. that suspect now in jail. he's described as a 26-year-old white male who was under the influence most likely from drugs. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty. time now 5:04. police in hayward investigating a deadly accident over night. it sent water shooting several feet in the air. this happened about 11:30. look at the pictures. police say an suv lost control, slammed into a fire hydrant and a tree. water kept rushing into the vehicle until crews were able
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to shut the water off. police say they think speed may have been a factor in this crash. the driver died right there at the scene. no one else was hurt. today at the white house president obama will award citizens medals to the six adults killed in the newtown school shooting. the white house says the six educators who lost their lives dedicated themselves to their students and their community. 20 children were also killed in that mass shooting on december 14th. a dozen other americans were will be awarded the presidential citizens medal at the white house today. senate republicans successfully blocked a vote on president obama's nominee for secretary of defense chuck hagel. coming up at 5:15 what that means for lee john panetta. yesterday was supposed to be his last day on the job. time now 5:05. there is a new investigation at the california department of park and recreation maintained a hidden cash surplus for more than 20 years. that is longer than earlier reports.
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investigation by the california state auditor tracked the surplus that goes back to 1993. last july a $20 million hidden cash surplus at that agency was found. it came at the same time the department was moving to close down 70 state parks because of budget cuts. if you are flying in or out of san francisco this weekend you may run into delays. a construction project we've been talking about could cause a slow down for flights again. one of the main runways will close at 10:00 tonight and stay shut down until 8:00 monday morning. air traffic could be cut from 60 aircraft an hour to 30 an hour. time now 5:06. we want to keep everything moving on the roads at least. that is sal's department. you're watching the east shore scene everything else. >> we are dave and pam. we are off to a nice start on 80 westbound. if you are looking at the east shore freeway. it should be a nice drive.
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heading out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems on 580 either. bay bridge toll plaza westbound is light. it should stay this way for another hour or so. then if we are going to have a friday light commute we will know it at 6:30 or so. this is a look at 280 freeway northbound. it is a nice looking drive getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. sal, we have clear sky. the only fly in the point hasn't santa rosa. it will be sunny and warm today. at this time yet it wasn't that strong. boy did it pick up. it's another dry week. there are changes brewing for next week. sure looks like tuesday make next thursday and friday. today sunshine and warmer.
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lots of 70s picking up. there is a decent breeze all the way to the san mateo coast. it looks pretty good all the way down to santa cruz. we can't find a high cloud at all. it will be sunny. tiny bit of fog. some of that forms between 5:00 and 7:00. a little breezy and blustery. and over to parts of the coast. 60s and 70s. napa 70. sonoma 72. 70 70 march -- martinez. pleasanton 70 degrees. 74 gilroy. 73 san jose. 70 woodside. redwood city 74. tomorrow looks good.
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i think a little cooler. we'll get more of an on shore breeze and fog returns sunday. increasing clouds monday. it looks like a cold rain arrives tuesday. dangerous suspect breaks free from police custody. how he escaped. the pope makes a final move before he heads into retirement. how this could have a major impact on the embattled vatican bank. good morning. if you are driving on 24 westbound between walnut creek and oakland very nice looking drive.
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welcome back. new this morning the pope just approved one of his last major appointments as the pope. he named a german lawyer to become the new head of the vatican bank. he was described by the pontiff as a man with solid financial and catholic credentials. that announcement ends a nine month search after the former head of the vatican bank was removed for what officials called incompetence. the mayor of san diego will pay back $2 million. her husband the founder of jack in the box died in 1994. in 2001 she says she started to gamble heavily and borrowed money from her husband's foundation. her lawyer says a medical condition effected her ability to make good judgments.
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>> there was a tumor growing in her brain in the centers of the brain that effect and control logic, reasoning, and most importantly judgment. >> now according to court documents she won more than $1 billion in a nine year span but lost it all and millions more. now in a deal with prosecutors she has to pay back the foundation or she could do to jail. the border dispute between india and pakistan is intensifying. they have killed a pakistani soldier that crossed into kashmir. india says the soldier died in a fire fight. india will return the body back to pakistan for burial. 5:13 is the time right now. senate republicans managed to stall confirmation of president obama's pick for secretary of defense. ktvu kyla campbell reports they want some questions answered before taking a final vote on
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chuck hagel. >> reporter: pam, senate republicans are taking advantage of a filibuster to get more answers from chuck hagel and the white house. they want more information how president obama responded to during the deadly attack this past september. they also want more information on chuck hagel's finances and the money he has received for speeches. many who voted to push off hagels confirmation say they will reverse their decision once they get their hands on all that information. only four republicans voted in favor in moving forward. he needed 60 votes to move forward. but he was two votes shy. president obama's hope is that the senate will vote to confirm hagel when they come back from recess on february 25th. >> i'm still presiding over a war afghanistan and we need a secretary of defense that is
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coordinating with our allies to make sure our troops are getting the strategy they deserve. >> reporter: what panetta has to say about all this. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:15. san leandro police are searching for a prisoner who escaped while being handcuffed. it happened around 7:00 last night. the suspect solomon of union city was arrested for a vehicle violation. he guilty out of his car and tried to run away. the officer handcuffed one of his hands when he broke loose and tried to grab the police officer's gun. swat team spent five hours out there trying to find him. a court hearing set for this morning for a fairfield man accused of killing veteran
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vallejo police officer james capoot. he is expected to enter a plea. he is charged with fatally shooting officer capoot back in november of 2011 while running from the scene of a bank robbery. he could also be eligible for the death penalty. jeff tedford is speaking out as his dismissile. he believes the cal's athletic director decided to fire him before the start of the season. cal ended with three wins and nine losses. tedford says there was no give and take during his tense 30 minute meeting with athletic director. the future of the sacramento kings up in the air. the big money battle between sacramento and seattle that is coming up at 5:25. that all star traffic guy sal is back. and he's watching 880 as well. >> that is right we are
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watching 880, dave and pam. the traffic is doing very well. all star, i appreciate that. i just want to get up and do my thing, dave. northbound and southbound trafficking good-- traffic looking good. no major problems. highway 101 and 280 on the peninsula they are doing pretty well. i think i need a couple days off. i don't think i will be here tomorrow. sal, hold on a minute. >> yes, sir. >> hey look at that graph. it's going up. >> i was just building that. >> nice. >> and then you threw me with some of your comments. sunny and warm today. clear, coast. enough of an offshore breeze and high pressure aloft. the combination of the two means sunshine and warm weather once we get cranked up. lows are not as cold. still cool. some areas are near 50 degrees. another dry week here. this is about six weeks in a
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row dry weather. but enjoy today. temperatures will be warming up. san francisco is starting off. it's already 52 now. i went 50 at 7:00 a.m.. 64 at noon. high pressure continues to kind of i think max itself out today. look at the west coast. it's quiet as quiet can be. there is nothing here. sunshine not even mostly sunny. it's sunny. clear skies. cool lows. maybe a little chilly for some of you. there is enough of an offshore breeze. temperatures started warming up wednesday. today will be the warmest day. still pretty good tomorrow. not as warm as today. i think we will get upper 60s on saturday. and big changes start sunday into monday. a little bit of fog. blue skies windy some of the higher elevations. 60s and 70s for many of these temps. st. helena 74. nice day to go out and have
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lunch. 70 concord. oakland 72. or sonoma. gilroy 74. santa clara 73. 66 pacifica. 70 san mateo. redwood city at 74. not much change saturday. a little cooler sunday. increasing clouds monday. most european markets are up slightly right now. but investors staying on the sidelines. maybe because the start of the g-20 meeting in moscow coming up. overnight japan nikkei jumped one percent. the strength of the yen may be part of the focus of the meeting of the world's finance ministers. markets in hong kong, taiwan, and south korea all gained ground. checking in on our numbers. here's where we start today. i'm pulling up the latest reads on the future. indicating a slightly lower opening. anthem blue cross will reduce its planned rate increase for
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630,000 policyholders. earlier this month they proposed an increase of 18%. anthem agreed to cut that to 14%. the move could save policyholders $54 million. doing more than dreaming about the dream act. how one uc berkeley student is fighting for the dream act and why he says it could bring more money to the u.s.. and a facelift for golden gate park. we'll have more on the project that is under way and what is planned for the future. you can wake up with ktvu every morning. get the mornings top stories that developed while you were sleeping sent straight to your cell phone every weekday morning at 6:00 a.m.. get your ktvu morning wake up call by texting the word wakeup to 70123.
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welcome back. time now 5:23. the president of the uc berkeley math club is a new champion of the dream act. he has a new video. >> 23,000 followers to deport me. >> that is 24-year-old terrance park. he's not only a math and bio statistics major he is also an illegal immigrant. the cost of deporting young illegal students is less than the projected income and contributions if they were granted citizenship. park moved to the u.s. from south korea when he was ten
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years old. for years he hid his status but now he has been accepted to grad school at yale and brown universities. if the federal dream act passes, he would be able to receive financial aid to obtain his masters. the future of the sacramento kings remains up in the air as we begin this nba all star weekend. the time may be running out for sacramento mayor kevin johnson. he is still working on a last ditch plan. nba commissioner david stern says he wants that plan in his office within the next two weeks. mayor johnson says he will meet that deadline. >> we are going to have all the agreements and actions and documents. >> i like the fact we don't have to do anything this week or next but have until april 18th to bring it before the owners. >> microsoft executive steve is leading the investment group that hopes to bring the kings to seattle. in response. sacramento mayor says he is ready to build a new downtown
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stadium to save the kings. four golden state warriors are heading to houston for the nba all star weekend. david lee is a reserve on the all star team. would you believe he's the warriors first all star since remember letrell? he did it in 1997. steph curry are compete in the three-point shootout. back here at home big trees are about to come down at golden gate park. the park and recreation department is plan to remove 150 trees from the park in the coming months. this is the second phase of a program that is targeting hazardous trees in the area. after those trees were removed the department plans to plant 550 new trees. the project will cost about $1.7 million. time is 5:25. let's get you moving this morning. sal, is it feeling friday light or too early to say that? >> it's too early to say that, but i feel it. i think it will be a good day.
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right now we don't have any incidents. that is the first step. 280 northbound looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. a big component of friday light we don't have anything out of the ordinary on the roads. right now that is cooperating. southbound 680 on the sunol grade looks pretty good. 580 coming out of the altamont pass looks pretty good. let's go to steve. we have mostly clear skies. in fact, it looks clear to me. but everything else says clear skies, sunshine, and warm weather. temperatures today upper 60s low to a few mid 70s. there is still enough of an offshore breeze with a big dome of high pressure. that means 70s for some inland. 60s for others. it fell out of the sky going 33,000 miles an hour.
5:29 am
what happened this morning it hit central russia. incredible show in the sky. we are live in san jose where gunshots rang out in two different neighborhoods. we'll tell you what happened and how many victim there is were. plus those cruise ship passengers reuniting with their families kissing the ground. after a very long horrible journey home. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole.
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welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30. if you can skip work and head to the beach, today is the day. >> yeah. it doesn't matter where you go. santa cruz will probably take the honors for the warmest. everywhere else will be in the 60s. it will be nice across the board. 60s and 70s. will that hold into the weekend? we'll have that answer in seven minutes. here is sal. steve, good morning. this is a look at highway 4. it looks pretty good here as you drive up to the willow pass grade. also the morning commute is looking pretty good on 237 westbound. now let's go back to the desk. time now 5:30. more than 500 people were hurt when a meteor going 33,000 miles an hour streaked across russia and crashed to earth.
5:33 am
look at that. that is a ten ton meteor. setting off car alarms and left that giant trail of smoke in the sky. fragments fell in six russian cities. as you can imagine there was confusion and panic. most of the people who were hurt they were hurt by broken glass. and a roof of a factory also collapsed. some of the hospitals there were overwhelmed with injuries. most of the victims suffered facial cuts. some people had their entire faces their heads wrapped up. witnesses said they saw elderly people crying in the streets. they believe the world was ending. s a symptom hers are talking this morning. that meteor is not part of the asteroid that is going to come veryless to earth today. a 150-foot wide asteroid is believed to be going to pass
5:34 am
17,000-miles frommous. around 11:25 this morning. the chabot science center will open its observatory deck tonight to give you sky watchers a better look. >> they took the string and wound it around the world once. it's pretty close as far as the things go. >> this asteroid is the largest space rock to come this close to earth in more than a century. lorraine blanco will bring us a live report from the science center in the next half hour. san jose police are investigating a drive by that sent two people to the hospital. janine de la vega is in san jose where police just left the scene. and janine, this scene isn't the only shooting police are investigating. >> reporter: that is right. there was two drive by shootings over night. police just left the scene about five minutes ago. they were gathering evidence here and talking to people in the hundred block of glamor city place. both men that were shot here
5:35 am
are now at the hospital being treated for their wounds. this shooting happened at 10:30 last night. neighbors heard the gunshots and suv was seen leaving the area. two men who were standing outside on the sidewalk were both hit in their upper torsos by bullets. they were rushed to a local hospital where police are now waiting to interview them. we're told that they are just suffering a nonlife threatening injury. police are looking into the possibility that this may have been gang related. >> we haven't confirmed it's gang related. we understand some words were exchanged. but right now in the middle of the investigation so we are still trying to clarify some of the details. >> reporter: there was another drive by shooting that incurred an hour later. about a mile away on doe burn and jackson avenue. shots were fired. and it hit a vehicle and a home. we're told there were no injuries but again police do not know if these two drive by shootings are connected.
5:36 am
that is something they are investigating. when the police lieutenant left the scene here a few minutes ago, he did tell me a lot of people in this area are feeling very skiddish now. coming up later we are hoping to speak to chose neighbors. you will hear from them later on. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega. time is 5:34. san francisco police say they were forced to shoot at a man driving a stolen car over night. it happened during a chase that ended in a crash at a downtown intersection. ktvu tara moriarty joining us live now. tara, you have new information. >> reporter: yeah we have learned when the officer fired at the suspect that the windshield was struck twice. we are here at the corner of fifth and mission. as you can see behind me here the scene is clear. you can tell what a messy accident this one. there is a lot of tire marks and oil on the road. someone stole a blacktown car and alert was put out. plain clothes officers did
5:37 am
surveillance and spotted the car in the tenderloin district and tried to pull the car over. officials say he drove up on the sidewalk on eddy street in order to avoid some spike strips that police laid out and raced down fifth street eventually slamming into a cab and involving two others in the car accident. >> when the vehicle went up on the curb, one of the officers fearing for their safety fired two shots at the vehicle. >> reporter: police are investigating whether the driver was injured by gunfire. chief sur says the suspect does have a scratch on his fore head but they are not sure if that is where a bullet grazed him or if he hit his head. a source tells ktvu it's most likely from the bullet. otherwise he and four other people involved in the crash were not seriously hurt. the suspect is now in jail. we understand he is a 26-year- old white male who was under
5:38 am
the influence of alcohol or drugs. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty. time is 5:35. police in antioch investigating a tragic accident involving a teenage girl. it happened last night about 7:00 at the intersection of hill crest avenue and hidden glen drive. investigators say a car hit and killed a 14-year-old girl as she was crossing the intersection. the driver stayed there at the scene and cooperating with investigators. police say that alcohol does not appear to be a factor. over night olympic sprinter oscar pistorius was officially charged with murder. he is accused of killing his girlfriend at his home yesterday. there were reports he may have mistaken her for an intruder. but police say there was a domestic dispute. pistorius family released a statement disputing the murder claims. we could soon learn more why a court has been holding secret hearings in the former
5:39 am
congressional intern chandra levy. levy was a washington intern who's 2001 murder attracted national attention because of her romantic relationship with former congressman. time now 5:37. santa clara man accused of having explosives and threatening a public official is due in court this afternoon. chp investigators say they found weapons and bomb making material at the home of everett basham on humboldt avenue. senator yee says the threat is like any other rereceived and included specifics on how he planned to carry out the attack. >> as a psychologist, i know very well that the more detail you provide the more serious
5:40 am
the threat and the more unique to pay attention to that particular threat. >> the examiner reports that basham's linked in profile he worked for hewlett packard for 18 years and worked with apple cofounder steve was knee yak. i want to show you new video from over night. these are buses whisking passengers away to hotels in galveston and new orleans. it took about four hours for everyone to get off the ship. coming up at 5:42 we will hear from passengers about the ordeal when we take you live to mobile, alabama. sal is back. smooth sailing on the east shore? >> yes, it is. this is one of the freeways that gets busy early. and down to berkeley it is still looking pretty good. we don't have a huge traffic volume. certainly people are out there. there is not a lot going on.
5:41 am
there is really not a lot going on on the bay bridge approach. let's talk about the commute on interstate 880. that traffic is moving along nicely. if you are driving on the peninsula that is a very nice drive throughout. our weather is looking nice as well. clear skies. santa rosa reporting fog. the coast is clear. yesterday we had a lot of thick fog to deal with. once that easterly breeze kicked in, everything burned off. san francisco if you live, work there it looks tab louse. going 70 for a high. starting off mild at 50
5:42 am
degrees. i draw your attention to a dome of high pressure over the west coast from seattle to san diego. everything between is under high pressure. so clear skies. cool lows to mild lows. there is already an offshore breeze. so it won't take long to warm up here. when you start off upper 40s and 50s for some. today will be the warmest day. we will start a little cool down saturday. patchy fog only. blue skies. warm temps today. wind in the east bay hills and some of the temps in the 60s to mid 70s. clearlake and ukiah. fairfield 70. san rafael also in there. walnut creek to danville all low 70s. warmer toward oakland. 73 san jose. 76 santa cruz. gilroy at 74. 68 half-moon bay and 71 menlo park. good to go. sunny sides up and mild --
5:43 am
sunny side up and mild to warm. i think fog comes back sunday. definitely the coast. increasing clouds monday. rain and colder tuesday. 5:40 is the time. killing rampage of christopher dorner is still attracting the public's attention. plus how it can be dangerous to just jump into an unmarked cab in san francisco. when a ktvu special report uncovered and why you need to be very careful. and if you are driving in the south bay, will today be a good or bad day? we'll let you know. [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance.
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the next level of innovation. the next rx. the f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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good morning. clear skies and temperatures today will be sunny to mild to warm. a lot of low 70s.
5:46 am
welcome back. good morning, to grow. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you. a meteor hits central russia just hours ago. hundreds of people were hurt. look at that incredible video being posted online. look at that. meteor caused a sonic boom. it shattered windows. like i said more than 500 people were hurt. the russian army already found three craters including one that is 20 feet wide. the european space agency says that meteor is not connected to an asteroid that will fly real close to earth today. that asteroid is half the size of a football field. it will come about 17,000 miles away from earth. the san francisco police department says they were forced to shoot at the driver of a stolen car blamed for last nights multicar crash at fifth and mission. police don't know if the driver was hurt in that gunfire. there were no serious injuries in the accident. police arrested the driver shortly after that crash.
5:47 am
continuing coverage now to that disabled carnival cruise ship. passengers are back on land this morning following five days at sea in horrible conditions. rene marsh joins us from mobile, alabama. rene. >> reporter: you know what, they are certainly happy. not only that it's oaf they are back on land, you can see the ship right behind me there. they all came in in the wee hours of the morning and i can tell you nobody on this cruise ship at this point thank goodness for that. they are all either resting or heading home. and they are sharing their story. the cruise ship nightmare is over and all passengers are off the carnival triumph. as the ship made its way into the port of mobile, passengers cheered and waved. others hung signs like this one sweet home alabama. celebration after days of
5:48 am
unsanitary conditions and power outages. before passengers disembarked the ceo of carnival offered this apology. >> we pride ourselves in providing our guests with a great vacation experience. clearly we failed. >> reporter: as more than 3,000 passengers made their way off the ship, some vented their frustration. >> there are a lot of unhappy people on this ship. a lot. because of the conditions and the way things just went down hill. from the first day. >> reporter: others are just relieved that the ordeal is over. >> after being on that boat for that long and not knowing when or how we were getting back, it was so good to finally be back. >> reporter: some say the experience brought out the best in people. >> i think i saw a lot more of the good behavior and a lot less of the bad behavior. tempers would flair occasionally but nothing too traumatic. >> reporter: at least one is
5:49 am
talking about taking another cruise. as part of the compensation package carnival is offering triumph passengers discounts on future trips. so what happens to this huge ship that you see parked here at the port, we're told that it will be moved to a local repair shop to be fixed. that could happen as early as today. or it could happen on saturday. back to you. >> thank you rene marsh in mobile, alabama. the san bernardino sheriffs department as confirmed christopher dorner is dead. dna has positively identified. he did extensive research on his first two victims. a basketball coach and her fianci. social media analysts say it's distushing but dorner has
5:50 am
become a part of popular culture opinion online chatter is still continuing even after his death. a mexican singer even posted a ballad paying homage to his revenge killing. there is a youtube video game about his last stand. time is 5:48. san jose police are calling the violent valentine's day deaths murder-suicide. they found their bodies in their home. the two people who died were once boyfriend engirlfriend -- and girlfriend. a couple weeks ago they broke up. they were still living together when they got into a heated argument in the bedroom. the man shot and killed the woman and then killed himself. in a ktvu special report, we went on an under cover operation with san francisco police. to take a look at illegal cab drivers that could be putting party goers at risk. the number of unregulated rides in san francisco are up.
5:51 am
town car and limo drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers on the street unless they were scheduled ahead of time. some of the unregulated rides have become dangerous. police are right now looking for at least two drivers who sexually assaulted female passengers. in a similar sting last year police handed out 872 citations to illegal drivers. police say that 200 fine is not stopping many of those drivers. it is now 5:49. i want to go back over to sal. sal what are you check something >> we are looking at the east bay. the traffic is doing very well. there are no major problems. checking in with chp. and they are giving us the all clear. the traffic does look good here in oakland. not only on interstate 880 but on interstate 580. and if you are driving on westbound san mateo bridge or the dumbarton bridge it looks good. and if you are driving on the nimitz freeway between hayward own fremont, it's a nice looking drive. we talked about the peninsula. right now you have your choice
5:52 am
of 101 or 280. both off to a nice start. steve, you're on twitter correct? you know i am. >> yes, sir. >> and you too. sp weather. information fantastic. it has made our jobs easier opinion seriously. the information is fantastic. clear skies. if anybody has any fog you can tweet me on that. but overall it looks like only santa rosa. it will be a sunny and warm day. temperatures we start off on wednesday and thursday. today we will top it out. it looks pretty good here. high pressure aloft is chewed up with a northeast breeze. any fog yesterday we had some. i noticed a 50 miles an hour wind. right over the okay land and berkeley hills it started to churn. 64 at noon in san francisco today. 50 to start off. the lows have definitely been coming up. i mean all the way top to spot to -- to bottom here.
5:53 am
clear skies. cool lows to mild lows. temperatures though won't take long to crank up with that northeast wind. i've seen one copping off the okay -- oakland and berkeley hills. i mentioned fog because some could show up between 5:00 and 7:00. sonoma 72. 74 walnut creek. 70 brentwood. 73 morgan hill. 76 santa cruz today. 68 san bruno. looks good for saturday. a little cooler on sunday. increasing clouds monday. colder on tuesday. boeings air bus has not decided to use lithium ion batteries in its plane.
5:54 am
a new poll shows social media is gaining popularity with minorities. the pew research center shows studies between african american is surging. tv% are on twitter. that is up 8% from mid 2011. 19% of hispanics are on twitter. and 14% of whites use the microblogging center. as the san francisco business times reports this morning san francisco restaurants are having a hard time finding cooks. restaurant owners say that is because there are so many restaurants competing for kitchen workers. they also say now graduates don't want to start as line cooks. they want to start at the top. >> i found a cook right there. [ laughter ] time now 5:52. a bay area decision about putting drones in our skies still up in the air. while last nights debate leaves people guessing.
5:55 am
the federal government is making new moves that could make more drones be in our future. good morning. westbound 237. nice looking drive there. so far not a beg crowd. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay weather.
5:56 am
5:57 am
clear skies. offshore breeze. temperatures are going to warm up pretty fast.
5:58 am
upper 60s to low 70s. flood related lawsuits in capitola have been settled almost two years later. the capitola village shopping area was flooded back in march of 2011 after a pipe burst during heavy rain. last night capitola mayor announced nine lawsuits have been settled for a total of $427,000. santa cruz county will cover half the cost. time is 5:56. alameda board of supervisors heard arguments for and against using drones. the sheriff wants to buy two drones. they claim they would not be armed and useful in emergency situations. but some critics spoke out against the drones say they are worried about privacy. the ss did not make a decision on that meeting about whether to move ahead on the drone ifsen the federal aviation administration is taking proposals to create six drone test sites around the country. the faa is required to develop
5:59 am
sites where civilian and military drones can be tested in preparation for entering u.s. air space which right now is limited to manned aircraft. the test site will be used to come up with requirements to make sure drones don't collide with planes or endanger people on the ground. it's coming up on 6:00. so far the commute has been pretty good. >> it has. and this is when we will start to figure out whether or not it will stay that way pam and dave. we are looking at these commutes. 28 is light in the valley. should be a nice drive for you. not only 280 but 101. same thing goes with 680 out of the pleasanton area heading south. coming up we will look at the key commutes including the bay bridge. 5:57 let's go back to the desk. coming up next in our 6:00 hour if you were just waking up a meteor slammed into russia this morning.

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